Oscar Statue

Last night’s Oscar results are in. And now tabulated, so are the results of the individual competitions in the NESCAC “Do I know my movies, or what” predictions.

The participants were asked for their predictions in six categories. I have added (for those many sophisto ephbloggers who didn’t watch) the results as voted on by The Academy:

Best Picture Slumdog Millionaire

Best Director Danny Boyle

Best Actor Sean Penn

Best Actress Kate Winslet

Best Supporting Heath Ledger

Best Supporting Penelope Cruz

And the results for this NESCAC event , computed on a Commodore 64, and hand-delivered in a mayonnaise jar just now to the back porch of EphBlog.

Out of eight participants

NO ONE got all six winners

SEVEN got Slumdog Millionaire

SIX got Danny Boyle

NO ONE got Sean Penn

FOUR got Kate Winslet

SIX got Heath Ledger

NO ONE got Penelope Cruz

And so, the standings

A four-way tie for first place with four correct predictions each

Sophmom, JG, Another ‘05 Eph, and Holly

A clear second place winner with three predictions


A two-way tie for third place with two correct predictions each

PTC, Joshua A Delung

And, amazingly, a competitor with absolutely NO CORRECT PREDICTIONS, that’s right, zero, nada, zip, nul, niente, ZERO


However, he has been voted Miss Congeniality.

Congratulations to all the participants and I am sure we BEAT AMHERST, if indeed they would even dare to meet us on our virtual Weston Field. Swarthmore does not deign to participate!!

All eight participants will receive suitable awards. I will need a mailing address.

and now, (singing) Let’s all go to the snack bar, Lets all go to the snack bar …”.

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