Once again, sharp-eyed readers have noticed the ‘disclaimer’ at the head of the left-hand column.

The Board composed of Ronit, Eric, Sophmom, Lowell, Joe, dcat, and me, together with founder David Kane and Advisor to the Board, Ken Thomas have been wrestling with the question of distinguishing ourselves from the new blog to be set up under direct Williams aegis and to satisfy the growing need to identify ourselves as ‘unofficial’ to avoid confusion to new or infrequent readers.

Over the next few days, you may notice some changes to the top of the page. David, Ronit, and Ken are working within the technical capabilities and limitations of our system. You may find things change, and then re-change. Please have patience!

A line may even appear, something like ‘Your UNofficial source for All Things Eph.”

This or a close relative will be a way of establishing our position vis-a-vis the college-sponsored blog.

My thanks to Dave, Ken, and Ronit for a lot of hard technical work, and to these same three and Sophmom, Eric, Lowell, Joe, and dcat for their time and inputs to this needed Board action.

Dick Swart 1956

ADDED on Tuesday AM.

I can see I didn’t take enough time on this post to fully explain what has been approved by the board to be added. I am sorry for having written half-way and now add the other half.

The Board has decided to implement a change in two parts:

The disclaimer at the top of the left hand column

is a statement of fact and as such is necessarily a ‘disclaimer’. It serves to announce a fact but does not ‘sell’ the brand of EphBlog to our current and potential readers. It can be smaller than it is. It can be less obvious than it is. But it is not a positive statement of positioning. It is a disclaimer.

The line to be included as a part of the banner head

Your UNofficial source for All Things Eph is a ‘selling’ statement. It gives current and potential readers a reason stated
positively and with humour to read EphBlog. It serves to differentiate us quickly and with style from official William announcements and the to-be implemented Williams blog. This is our positioning statement.

I hope this adds more understanding to the rather bald-face original post! Again, I am sorry for my haste and negligence.

Dick Swart ’56

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