The many hours I spend blogging (aka, avoiding real work) here were recently validated by Ephblog’s inclusion on this list of the “25 most valuable blogs“:

20.  The Superficial Network (AntiClown Media) has three sites with The Superficial being the largest. The Superficial takes an unusually cruel look at celebrities. Combined unique visitors for the three properties of 1.3 million and 15 million pageviews per month. Sites run a lot of inexpensive ads so CPM per page is only $6. Revenue for company is a little over $1 million. Inexpensive company to run. Probably clears $400,000 in operating profit. At 5x, the company is worth $2 million

21.  Ephblog is the brainchild of esteemed R-philosopher David Kane.  While Williams student pay upwards of $50,000 to gain access to his insights during Winter Study, Ephblog readers receive them for free on a daily basis (exception: every third February — even God rested on Sunday …).  Also, appealing to the Maxim set, there are, on occasion, photos posted of notable Ephbabes Mika Brez … (we don’t know how to spell her name, but she’s cute), Erin Burnett, Molly Shattuck, and Bethany McLean.  NFL scouts uninspired to attend games in State College, PA have been known to peruse the site in hopes of gleaning some nugget of insight from the oracular ramblings of esteemed colleague Frank Uible.  Moreover, all five NESCAC hoops fans have few other avenues to obtain comprehensive information on the Williams-Amherst rivalry.  Although Ephblog has yet to run any ads, Amherst and Dartmouth have considered stepping up to the plate in light of how many prospective Ephs the site has scared away.  Donald Trump has also provided venture capital thanks to an affinity for certain buildings regularly highlighted on the blog.  The site appears to cost very little to run, unless cost is measured in damage to souls, in which case the costs are incalculable.  Ephblog is worth the greater of 1.8 million or four year’s Williams tuition.

22.  Neatorama is about neat things. That gets a broad definition from giant rats to water found on Mars. The site has about 1.3 million unique visitors and four million pageviews per month. The site has a small number of ads which cannot bring in more than a $4 CPM per pages. That part of the site’s business probably does not generate more than $200,000 a year. The site also has an e-commerce section which looks well-managed. The average item sells for about $20. This operation could net the firm $250,000 a year. That would bring total revenue to just under $500,000. The site looks like it costs very little to run. Neatorama is worth $1.5 million.

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