photo by Diana


(photo by D. Davis)


So, I get a phone call from my son. It appears he is suffering from a case of the Winter Blues. Except that in his case, it’s more like the Winter Gripes. I’ll spare you the details, because chances are, you all know what I’m taking about; too cold, too gray, too much work, not enough play.

It is a very real syndrome, ranging from a general longing for short sleeves and sunshine, to it’s more serious counterpart, Seasonal Affective Disorder, appropriately known as SAD.

But rather than get into the symptoms, I’d like to hear about creative solutions. In fetching Diana’s beautiful photo from the archives, I noted she talked of sledding on a cafeteria tray the very day she took this shot. That to me, sounds like making the best of circumstances.

Any other ideas out there? I do remember hearing of the snowball-fight-to-end-all-snowball-fights. What about indoor games? Scrabble tournaments? Has a storm ever shut down campus?

Tell us your ‘winter tales’ please?

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