There’s a job and internship fair coming up soon on campus, and the signs are everywhere: people are editing their resumes, insuring that they can be contacted for interviews, and buying clothes suitable for such activities. The tension is high, due to the lower job market – fellowships for three in some places have been reduced to one position.

20 years ago, Mika Brzezinski ’89 was in the same predicament.

(The Setting: Morning Joe on MSNBC)
At the end of an interview with Don Browne, the President of Telemundo, Brzezinski came on the air to ask him if “you might remember one interview with a very young, naive, not ready… ah girl… interested in being in television. I’d say, probably exactly twenty years ago.”

An amused Browne responded, “I told you that I thought you had tremendous potential. And I gave you a little advice. And look where you are now!”

Source w/ video. We all start somewhere.

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