To the Williams Community,

Thanks go to all of the very many people across campus who have been working hard on reducing spending now and on budgeting carefully for more substantial reductions in the coming academic year.

The process of setting the 2009-10 budget, while certainly challenging, is proceeding well. This is due in large part to the openness, creativity, and goodwill of many.

Given the continued volatility of the world’s capital markets, it’s clear that we need to start thinking of how Williams would respond if the general economy turns down even further or stays down even longer than we’ve anticipated.

To make those deliberations broadly representative, Senior Staff has formed an Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Budget Priorities made up of faculty, staff, and students.

The group will meet weekly through this semester to advise Senior Staff on what parts of our operations the College should protect most if we are forced by outside conditions to cut spending further than we now anticipate. I hope it turns out that we won’t need to cut further but we should be ready with a thoughtful plan in case we do.

I thank the committee’s members, listed below, for taking time from their busy schedules to serve us all in this way.

M. Schapiro

Note that this group fulfills one of Lizzy and Mike’s campaign pledges. For a list of members, click:

Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Budget Priorities

  • Rob Baker-White ’80, Professor of Theatre and Member of the Committee on Priorities and Resources
  • Ralph Bradburd, Professor of Economics
  • Lizzy Brickley ’10, Co-President of College Council
  • Jeremy Goldstein ’09, Former Co-President of College Council
  • Sue Hogan, Controller
  • Steve Klass, Vice President for Operations
  • Bill Lenhart, Provost, Treasurer, and Professor of Computer Science
  • Chip Lovett, Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Science Executive Committee
  • Eiko Maruko Siniawar ’97, Assistant Professor of History and Member of the Committee on Educational Policy
  • Karen Merrill, Dean of the College and Professor of History
  • Peter Nurnberg ’09, Former Co-President of College Council
  • Mike Reed ’75, Vice President for Strategic Planning and Institutional Diversity
  • Lili Rodriguez ’01, Associate Director of Admission
  • Morty Schapiro, President and Professor of Economics
  • Lucie Schmidt, Associate Professor of Economics and Chair of the Faculty Steering Committee
  • Harry Sheehy ’75, Director of Athletics
  • Mike Tcheyan ’10, Co-President of College Council
  • Martha Tetrault, Director of Human Resources
  • Bill Wagner, Dean of the Faculty and Professor of History
  • Safa Zaki, Associate Professor of Psychology and Chair of the Committee on Priorities and Resources
  • Keith Finan, Secretary to the Committee, Associate Provost
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