From an excellent Record Op-ed by Ifiok Inyang.

As a member of the varsity football team and therefore one of the many student-athletes here at Williams, I used to hold the perspective that the hard work, time spent and physical sacrifice that goes into being a student-athlete was something that only others in my similar predicament could understand; only they could understand this large part of who I am. I felt that the dedication of other students who participated in different activities was somehow not as legitimate because it did not involve athletics.

I know now that such a view is seriously flawed because I have become more involved in Sankofa, College Council and various other non-athletic commitments on campus. It was through such experiences that I realized exactly how similar we all are; we are all heavily committed to our responsibilities, and we all share the same academic burdens as Williams students.

Read the whole thing. Another good op-ed is here.

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