From another Record Op-Ed by Andrés López ’09:

Without a doubt, Spencer Neighborhood offers the best housing in terms of location and room quality, while Dodd and Wood neighborhoods include some awkward housing choices. When Spencer Neighborhood sophomores have access to spacious singles in West Hall, while some Wood Neighborhood seniors get stuck with far-off, hermetically sealed or basement rooms, there’s got to be a problem.

My question to you folks is this: what are the hidden benefits of certain dorms, and the hidden costs? We can look at the advantages of location and room size with a map and room blueprints, but there are other factors – living above Prospect or Morgan basement is likely less peaceable than Lehman. Another factor are the small things in life, such as the motion-sensor in my shower room that inevitably shuts off the light while someone is still showering.

What do you remember about your housing here from years past?

Edited at 5:30 in order to focus more exactly on the dorms as opposed to the housing system.

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