Well, tomorrow Waldo/Dave-o returns to the keyboard with the blank pages of ephblog waiting to sop up his virtual ink. Hopefully, he is tanned and has a couple of bottles of Duty-Free.

So here is the last two-parter:

a. Where do you think Dave-o has been for the month of February?

b. Where is your dream spot to catch some rays, some breaks, wallow in powder, walk the cobble stone streets?


I know, yeah, uh-huh … I said I was pulling the series by popular request. You can follow that discussion somewhere below under the entry for #11.

But I did think Waldo was the most pleasant of the lot and I do want to welcome David back. My apologies to anyone offended by the reappearance of this annoying series. But it is #14!

For those benighted few who actually want to see the two pulled, #’s 12 and 13:



click on the pix to get them gagging-big!

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