Can someone give us an update on how co-op housing is going this year? (See here for previous discussion.) I was pleased to see that my suggestion to use Willipedia to make the co-op process more efficient has continued this year. Questions:

1) How many students applied this year? There were 285 last year and 189 in 2006. (I can’t figure out how many there were in 2007.) There is some dispute about whether how much, if any, of this increase is due to dissatisfaction with Neighborhood Housing. I think that much of it is. Consider:

I know personally that my motives for entering the co-op draw had entirely to do with neighborhood housing. I’m not a big fan of cooking, but all of my friends lived in a different neighborhood than me, so it was my only chance to live with them.

Indeed. Williams would be a much better place if every senior could live with her closest friends. More on that topic later.

2) How many co-op spots are available?

3) Did you apply for a co-op? Why or why not?

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