Not really, I just tend to drift off during the financials.

Added two hours later:

A respected poster and reader sent me a personal email asking in effect “HUH?”

I assume that Williams readers have references on many and varied subjects and events. A writer may take advantage of these by using ‘shorthand’ and letting the overtones be heard without knocking the reader over the head.

In the case of this post, some explanation.

Humour tends to run in threes. Taking off on the 1972 post, I posted 1956 and 1928 using the same headline format for resonance. I was thinking about how to do 1872 as a capper, when I read the NYT piece of Rush this am. But this time I switched the headline within the same format from Williams to Ephblog. The concept of three in a row but with a switch on the third.

The shorthand of Rush will produce various effects on various readers. He is certainly a current topic of interest to Williams readers.

If only he looked like Sarah Pallin!

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