wrestling late 40s

The best Williams College Wrestler of all time to date is Bob Koster, 4th in D1 Nationals @ 157 in 1957.

Yes! Ephblogs own Frank Uible had a memory that captured history, forever moving the goal post.  Great job Frank. This is an outstanding item for an update on the Eph wrestling webpage.


Follow the PDF to the brackets for 157lbs and you can see the individual match results. You can almost feel Koster in there… slugging it out in the toughest college tournament in sports…


   Is Koster alive? Anyone with information on how Koster got to the tournament please comment. Frank’s story is great stuff- if you have amplifying information that can be put into the historical record- that would be great! I am pretty sure you could not just walk in off of the street and start slugging it out with the men from Iowa, so how Koster qualified, has to be an interesting matter for the historical record.

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