This might be completely baseless speculation, and we cannot vouch at all for the reliability of this source, but as a “blog”, we feel it our duty to bring you more or less any rumor that crosses our path. And, of course, we believe everything we read on the internets:

I just heard that staff was notified “there will be layoffs after Spring Break.” No one knows who yet, but people in dining services are very anxious.

Apply your own grains of salt, to taste. But some layoffs are probably inevitable at this point.

It would be rather outrageous, to say the least, if the first on the chopping block were among the lowest-paid workers at Williams, rather than any of the highly paid people that got Williams into this fiscal mess.

As a public service, we will now quote from some past letters from Morty:

October 18, 2008:

We’ll maintain our financial aid programs and extend help to those whose changed circumstances reduce their ability to pay. Second, we’ll remain committed to current faculty and staff. We foresee no layoffs and we understand the importance to Williams of competitive standards of compensation.

January 26, 2009:

We remain committed to retaining our full financial aid program and to avoiding layoffs

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