It’s official:

The complicated $80 million Williams College plan to attach a new library to Stetson Hall and tear down the existing library is on hold indefinitely.

When the project begins will depend on when the economy returns to stability, college officials said.

Those interesting in more information on the building project can attend Wednesday’s CC meeting, which will include a presentation by the Stetson-Sawyer committee. I think it very important that the student body look at these plans now – future generations of Ephs will have to live with our success or failure in getting the project right.

Readers may also want to see non-current versions of the construction documents, and this watercolor rendering of campus after the new library’s completion.

In other news, “infectiously idealistic members of the Williams College outing club” discussing “the possible salvation of the world” were featured in this New York Times article on travel in New Hampshire.

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