Juliana Stone ’12 has a crush on a professor:

I have a crush on my history professor. Which, given my history of infatuation with Robert Redford, Paul Newman and Jack Nicholson, is not entirely surprising: I’ve never loved anyone under 65.

But it’s not like a crush crush. It’s more like I want him to think I’m charming and be my best friend and hang out with me after class kind of crush. It’s more like an odd obsession.

I think the other 15 people in my class are kind of scared of him or indifferent to him or intimidated or have some other lukewarm, but always reverent, kind of emotional response. But we all know that he’s brilliant.

And he’s totally old school: He dresses up for class and makes us turn every paper in on time and in hard copy — most teachers are flexible about extending deadlines and e-mailing papers — and he calls on you by name even if you’re not raising your hand. Particularly if you’re not raising your hand.

He said we should all be prepared to discuss the reading for each class — and that if we hadn’t done the reading, we should be prepared to discuss it anyway; that knowing how to discuss a book we hadn’t read was both a valuable skill and one we would develop in his class.

It was then that I knew I loved him.

Although she doesn’t name him, I’m fairly certain I know who she’s talking about, and he was in fact the most brilliant professor I had the pleasure to take a class with at Williams. A significant number of his students develop a similar infatuation.

She also describes her experience trying to figure out housing for next year as a “12,000 hour exercise in torture”. Good to know that some things never change. Go read the whole thing, and keep an eye on Eph Planet for future updates from Juliana.

Let’s turn this into an open thread. Which professors have you had (purely intellectual) crushes on? You can comment anonymously!

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