To quote some of Frank’s comments:

Is there a significantly smaller quantity of campus-wide student leadership on a per capita basis than there was, say, 55 years ago? If so, why?

If not, does the campus require more leadership now than then?

To start off, I doubt that a similar % of students had work study 50 years ago, which inherently takes away from time to do leadership. Beyond that, I thought I would attempt a general survey of leadership opportunities. Please suggest anything I forgot; I’ll compare this list to past yearbooks in a later post, as part of an examination into student life in the last 50 years @ Williams.

Edit @ 12:49 AM, 3/12: The point of this exercise is to show how many groups and organizations are active on campus, requiring coordination and leadership. It may indicate why neighborhoods have trouble recruiting people to their boards, since other groups are more well-established.

All College Leadership Opportunities

  • College Council
  • Four Neighborhood Governance Boards
  • JAs
  • Gargoyle

Other General Groups

Affinity Groups of MinCo (h/t JG)

  • QSU
  • BSU
  • CASO
  • (Can’t recall other acronyms)
  • MinCo executive council


  • Tutoring Coordination
  • Writing Workshop coordination
  • Departmental Student Liaison committees
  • Stanley Kaplan - Foreign Policy group
  • The Williams Record (h/t P ’12)
  • Other Journals, such as Clovehitch (h/t P ’12)


  • Team Captains of 32 sports
  • Management of club sports
  • Student Athletic Advisory Committee
  • Student Symphony
  • a capella – Presidents, Music Directors, Business Managers
  • WOC board
  • Orientation Program Coordinators (h/t ’10)
  • Cap and Bells board, with leadership for each play
  • RASAN (h/t JG)
  • Religious Orgs: WC, MSU, WCF, JewBoard (h/t JG)
  • Peer Health (h/t JG)
  • Performance groups (many)
  • Various other clubs
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