This post compares campus leadership opportunities today to those on campus 54 years ago. Background here. I’m going to strike-through organizations that didn’t exist in ’55, and add organizations that don’t exist now in italics. The exercise is largely meaningless in terms of useful data, but still interesting. Note that I haven’t included everything from now or then, just orgs that I think required leadership and played an active role on campus.  For the list, click

All College Leadership Opportunities

  • College Council (was composed of class officers, JA Presidents, Social Council Pres, and SAC pres)
  • Four Neighborhood Governance Boards
  • JAs
  • Gargoyle
  • Social Council (fraternity social coordination)
  • Student Activities Council (coordinated campus groups and their funds)

Other General Groups

  • Baxter Fellows
  • ACE
  • Concert Committee
  • Tour Guides
  • Lehman Council (and sub-orgs I don’t know)
  • > 12 Student-Faculty committees
  • Honor Committee composed of JA Treasurer, CC VP, 3 CC members, and 3 members from each class

Affinity Groups of MinCo (h/t JG)

  • QSU
  • BSU
  • CASO
  • (Can’t recall other acronyms)
  • MinCo executive council


  • Tutoring Coordination
  • Writing Workshop coordination
  • Departmental Student Liaison committees
  • Stanley Kaplan – Foreign Policy group
  • The Williams Record (h/t P ’12)
  • Other Journals, such as Clovehitch Comment
  • Phi Beta Kappa (put on lectures and panel discussions)


  • Team Captains of 32 sports
  • Management of club sports
  • Student Athletic Advisory Committee
  • WOC board
  • Fraternity Leadership
  • Purple Key Society (Record Sports Editor & Team Captains, reception committee for visiting teams & Homecoming coordination)

Other Non-Academic

  • a capella – Presidents, Music Directors, Business Managers
  • Orientation Program Coordinators (h/t ’10)
  • Cap and Bells board, with leadership for each play
  • Religious Orgs: WC, MSU, WCF, JewBoard
  • Williams Chapel & Newman Club
  • Peer Health
  • Williams Transport
  • Travel Bureau
  • Performance groups (many)
  • Various other clubs
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