The Record reports on the Office of Campus Life.

Over the past six months, the Office of Campus Life has undergone many changes, some externally imposed and others initiated from within. Like every other department at the College, Campus Life has been forced to deal with two percent cuts in operating expenditures already this year, with further 12 or 15 percent cuts on the horizon.

At the beginning of last fall, the office downsized by two staff members – from 10 to eight – eliminating two Campus Life Coordinator (CLC) positions and reshifting roles and responsibilities within. When Jess Vega, former assistant to the director of Campus Life, left for the Multicultural Center (MCC) in October, the office could not replace her due to the trustee-mandated hiring freeze and thus has been operating short another employee.

If the College was cutting Campus Life last year, then further cuts are in the offering. I bet that Linda Hall will be running the housing process in the not too distant future, just as she did a decade ago.

Rachel Ko ’09, who has worked with Campus Life in varying capacities, most notably as president of Wood neighborhood, throughout her four years at the College, expressed a similar sentiment. She said that while the office runs event-planning smoothly, she has noticed a general decrease in both the energy in the office and, subsequently, its outreach to students.

If you have lost students as involved and respected as Rachel Ko, you are in real trouble. I bet that Schiazza has already been told not to hire replacements for the CLCs that are leaving this year.

Spine, however, described the office as having an “overly relaxed” atmosphere, one not always conducive to productivity. She said that during her daytime shifts in the office, she is often the only person in the office between 11:30 a.m and 1 p.m.

Other staff said that the office environment makes it easy to take mid-semester vacations. For example, both Leonard and Jess Gulley, assistant director of Campus Life for student activities, went on vacation in January, leaving Rougeau solely in charge of student activities.

Harsh. You can bet that the sharp eyes on the Ad Hoc Committee for Cutting Stupid Spending are not impressed. Read the whole thing.

Did anyone predict that the Office of Campus Life would be a failure? I mean, beside me.

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