There have been a lot of cost-cutting ideas tossed around in comment sections and posts here, so I thought it would be useful to compile them all into one place.  I separate them into three categories: (1) the low hanging fruit that there is a general consensus on, (2) the more controversial ideas that would result in some real pain, would be difficult to carry out, and/or drew strenuous objections from other Ephbloggers (likely, Williams will have to adopt some, but not all, of these), and finally (3) the modest proposal ideas that are either purely humorous, were vociferously shouted down here, and/or would only have to be considered if things get considerably worse before they get better.  I am sure I am forgetting a slew, so if you want to remind me of other ideas — whether previously articulated or not –or object to my categorization of ideas on this list, make a note in the comments, and I will re-post an edited list in a week.

Low-hanging Fruit:
(1) Eliminate Williams in New York for time being (done)
(2) Postpone campus construction / major renovation projects (done)
(3) Salary and hiring freeze (done, although depends on definition of hiring freeze)
(4) Eliminate some administrative staff through attrition / retirements, especially new positions created during the flush times (aka don’t replace non-faculty personnel unless position is truly essential) (to be implemented, I believe)
(5) Cut the budget / staffing of OCL
(6) Cut athletic budget via:
(a) elimination of some assistant coach positions in heavily staffed sports
(b) cutting of teams’ off-season foreign trips (NESCAC-wide initiative)
(c) reducing in-season travel costs by pairing winter sports teams on travel weekends (NESCAC-wide initiative)
(d) eliminating P.E. requirement and reallocating resources to assistant / J.V. coaching slots
(e) reducing travel budget for athletic administrators to watch contests live
(7) Sell / donate Paresky TV’s (or, although this would not save costs in short run, utilize them as dorm T.V.’s)
(8) Fewer expensive speakers / pricey campus events
(9) Cutting non instruction-related departmental budgets / discretionary funds
(10) Move investment office to Williamstown
Tougher to Swallow (aka, David Kane specials):
(1) Cut assistant coaching positions to the bone (aka, no full time paid assistants for basketball, softball)
(2) Cut Bolin fellows
(3) Sell Mount Hope Farm (not so much controversial as likely not doable)
(4) Increase teaching loads to where they were five years ago (aka, add one additional class, one semester per year)
(5) Eliminate all but absolutely essential visiting professors
(6) Increase tuition revenue via a small (3-6 percent) increase in incoming class sizes
(7) Eliminate need-blind aid for internationals
(8) Reinstate student loans as a component of financial aid
(9) Postpone expensive environmental initiatives
(10) Reduce size of tenure track faculty (perhaps closer to levels of five years ago)
(11) A few more “development admits” each year
(12) Reduce or eliminate payments to local community (funding of local schools, etc.)
(13) Eliminate sabbatical grant program / temporary moratorium on sabbaticals
(14) Cut top administrator salaries
Modest Proposals (aka, Armageddon time):
(1) Sell naming rights to a building to the highest corporate bidder (or for that matter, individual bidder — perhaps a devious Amherst alum who insists on the Lord Jeffrey Amherst or Zephenia Swift Moore North Academic building)
(2) Eliminate the football team
(3) Eliminate the Economics department (gotta blame someone …)
(4) Means-based tuition (aka, super high tuition for those who can afford it)
(5) Eliminate need-blind admissions for domestic students
(6) Eliminate the CDE
(7) Eliminate Winter Study
(8) Eliminate Williams-Mystic
(9) Sell campus real estate / property
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