Straight from the Center for Community Engagement, which has a new website:

  • Hurricane Relief Coalition – approx. 2 dozen students going to New Orleans
  • WCJA – approx. 10 students also doing hurricane relief in New Orleans
  • Williams Catholic – approx. 8 students doing hurricane relief in Galveston, TX
  • Williams Outing Club – approx. 8 students doing trail work at the Grand Canyon
  • Williams Christian Fellowship – approx. 10 students doing inner city work in Chicago
  • Habitat – 11 students in Spartanburg, SC
  • Freelance – approx. 4 students to the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua for a building project, and
  • Freelance – approx. 10 students to a Navajo reservation in Arizona to do an after-school enrichment program

You can also read the Record article, College augments spring break funds.

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