Williams gets a mention in this article about bringing more transparency to the Tufts endowment. Mark Orlowski’s ’04 Sustainable Endowments Initiative is also favorably mentioned. Comments:

1) I think that Williams has done less well on these measure of transparency — public info about holdings and proxy voting — over the last few years. Is that connected to the appointment of Collette Chilton as CIO? I don’t know.

2) Alas, these measures of transparency, as desirable as they may be, do not touch on the heart of the issue: information about allocations, benchmarks and managers.

3) I wish that more reporters would bother to understand that much of the debate in the Tufts article is ridiculous moral preening. See here and here for background. As long as your institution puts a lot of money in hedge funds, venture capital, private equity and the like, you can have only a limitted understanding (if at all) of your involvement with Sudan, Tibet, weapons, tobacco or whatever the cause du jour.

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