(re: Lusting After post below)

In addition to the shameless pandering to the prurient using our own Dominick Dunne,


The College itself has a tradition of the tittilating use of our Williams Presidents for recruitment in the media and styles of the times.

President Edward Dorr Griffin was described Samsonially as “a striking man, “full six foot three in height … without any undue obesity.”

Of course, President Mark Hopkins and his log were portrayed to the limits of the beleagured educator’s endurance.

Even in my own time, beloved President James Phinney “Let’s not throw the baby out with the washwater” Baxter was used shamelessly on the television of the day.

While not wishing to add further to the clamor and cacaphony assaulting the Trustees in these trying days, I do call upon them to stop immediately the planned fund-raising calendar “Beef-Cake Boys of Bill-ville” featuring tenured members of the faculty.

Rechtal Turgidley, Jr
Quark Island, Maine

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