The College employs a variety of Ephs in temporary positions. These include assistant coaches, community life coordinators, interns at the Admissions Office, Alumni/Development and OCC, and junior staff at the Investment Office. Although there is no need to fire anyone who holds those jobs today, we should stop filling them. All these folks do fine work and add value to the College. We just can’t afford them anymore. Permanent staff will take over their duties. None of these Ephs were excessively paid, and I don’t have a good sense of how many there are (at least 10, maybe as many as 30), but they all need to go. A nice aspect of this cut is that it is “neutral” in appearance. We aren’t asking Admissions to cut more than, say, the Registrar. We are just ending a category of position. Departments that use such positions a lot (mainly athletics) will suffer more, but not because we are singling out those departments per se.

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