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What is Your RealAge?

Every Ephblogger has undoubtedly seen, either in an internet pop-up or in their Facebook news feed, the ubiquitous “RealAge” tests circling around the internet.  Although he was not mentioned in yesterday’s NYTimes expose on RealAge’s marketing relationship with pharma companies, ridiculously-credentialed — and no doubt ridiculously rich — Eph alum Michael Roizen ’67 is co-founder of RealAge and Chairman of its Scientific Advisory Board (he is also the father of two ridiculously-credentialed recent Eph alums).  Have any readers succumbed to the incessant requests to take a RealAge quiz?  If so, does it bother you that the information you provided is being shared with pharma companies?  Feel free to share your RealAge with the rest of us, if you so dare.

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#1 Comment By Dick Swart On March 27, 2009 @ 8:06 am

I have fearlessly shared my personal data!

‘Dick Swart’ (not his real name) is a 27 year-old Columbian farmer-turned-drug ‘mule’ now residing in Hood River, OR under the Federal Witness Protection Program. Through an administrative error, he was provided with the wrong set of credentials. Among the bona fides was a 1956 Gul. This yearbook, his Ben Nye Theatrical Makeup Kit, and an Orvis catalogue make it possible for him to be alive today! His singing of the fight song is amusing at the end when he warbles “… to Guilliams, to Guilliams, to Guilliams”. All things considered it could be worse … just imagine “Lord Heffrey Amherst was a soldier of the King …”.

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#2 Comment By frank uible On March 27, 2009 @ 9:01 am

Why would I possibly want to fool around with RealAge so long as my earspoon is in good working order?