Tuition — $39,250
Board — $5,110
Room — $5,280
Activities and Residential House Fees — $240
Total — $49,880

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To the Classes of 2010, 2011, and 2012:

More than ever, setting next year’s comprehensive fee has been the focus of much deliberation on campus and with the Board of Trustees. In particular, we’ve had to factor in how the global economic turmoil has sharply reduced the College’s endowment income along with the income and savings of many Williams families.

We’d already begun the process of determining how best to reduce spending while retaining programs that are essential to a Williams education. This has included some immediate reductions and a mechanism for the campus community to thoughtfully plan others.

With those savings in place, we are confident that we can offer a Williams-quality education with a comprehensive fee increase for the coming year of 4.9 percent.

It breaks down as follows:

Tuition $39,250
Board $5,110
Room $5,280
Activities and Residential House Fees $240
Total $49,880

This remains well below the College’s expenditures per student and falls in the lower half of fees at the nation’s most highly selective private colleges and universities.

At the same time, our financial aid program will continue to be among the most generous, in terms both of grant sizes and the range of families who qualify for them. Williams is committed to meeting the full demonstrated need of all new and returning students, including those whose family circumstances may have changed in the past year or who may qualify for the first time because of the fee increase. If you think you may be among those who qualify for aid for the first time, please contact the financial aid office.

A version of this letter has gone to your family. I told them that we know how trying these times are for all in the Williams community and understand the important role that families play as partners with the College in providing you the finest possible liberal arts education. We will continue to do all we can to honor the great trust that they, and you, have placed in us.

Best regards,
M. Schapiro

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