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To the Williams Community,

Over the past six weeks or so members of the Search Committee have been busy facilitating a series of discussions with faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the north Berkshire community about your suggestions for the qualifications we seek and the challenges our next president will face. In addition, we have received considerable and helpful feedback through the College’s Web site and via other correspondence. We are grateful to all who have contributed these thoughtful suggestions.

As a result of this process, we have been able to synthesize your feedback in a document that describes the College, including the opportunities and challenges it faces, and summarizes the specifications of the position. The presidential position prospectus, prepared by the committee as authorized by the trustees, can be found on the presidential search Web site: . The document’s primary purpose is to attract and inform presidential candidates.

In addition, the committee, assisted by our search firm, Isaacson, Miller, has been at work soliciting and receiving suggestions for candidates. While already encouraged by the depth and quality of the nominations, we continue to seek qualified candidates to broaden the pool even further. We still welcome your nominations and encourage you to send them to the committee via the Web site. At the same time, the committee is working to focus its attention on the candidates that best fit the qualifications as spelled out in the prospectus. A substantial portion of the committee’s meeting on March 25 was dedicated to this task.

The process has been energizing, due largely to the exceptional level of commitment our community shares in finding the best possible leader for Williams. Thanks again for all your thoughtful suggestions. We will keep you informed as we continue on our task.

Greg Avis
Chair, 2009 Presidential Search Committee

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