Juliana Stone ’12 writes about training to be an admission tour guide. Her enthusiasm is infectious…

I was so excited about the training session that I got three new Williams College spiral notebooks and three new Williams College folders – gold on purple and purple on gold, respectively – and brought them all to the training session totally ready to write down every time someone sneezed. I don’t know why. I only needed one of each. And they had sent us each an 18- or 19-page tour-guide manual the day before. I had already underlined, highlighted and annotated it. And memorized it. I was so excited. I still am.

…and strikes me as just what Admissions must look for in a tour guide.

Read the whole essay and see if it sparks any memories of your own college visits. How important do you think the guides are in creating those first impressions? What colleges did you tour? Which visits were most memorable, and why so?

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