Advice sought:

I was accepted EA to Chicago and I also just found out I am in at Williams as well. These are my top two choices and I need some help in deciding between them. Here is a little background:

I am a recruited athlete at both schools. I was able to visit UChicago over the past fall break but I will probably not be able to visit Williams. I really love the city of Chicago and the campus of U of C. My best friend is going to U of C. I really felt good at Chicago. But I do not probably fit into their normal student profile. Instead of being the hardcore student, I was more of the ditch class with friends and pull out As on the test thus end up with an A in the class. I am fine with studying and homework at a moderate level but I will prolly not be able to cope to with hours upon hours at U of C. If it as rigorous as everyone makes it out to be than I will prolly have a hard and stressful time at Chicago, which I expect with being in college but not to the drastic point that a Chicago student feels. But I love the intellectual feel of the school and the life of the mind. The bad part of Chicago is also that their financial aid package has me and my family paying 23k while Williams has us at around 10k.

See the thread for more details and much good advice from the CC regulars.

1) Track people often seemed to be some of the happiest and best-matched Ephs, at least 20 years ago. Still true today?

2) Note how radically different the financial aid packages are. Both are “need-blind” and, allegedly, based on the same circumstances. If this student had been accepted at Harvard et al, his financial aid package might have been even better.

3) He should contact Chicago and see if they will match the package. They might and it can’t hurt to ask.

4) I think that Chicago, on average, is more intellectually intense than Williams. Sounds like the student will find more friends with similar priorities at Williams.

5) If you love city life, do not go to Williams.

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