More advice sought:

I am sure this thread has been around, but I am an accepted student at both Swarthmore and Williams, and was wondering if anyone could give me sound advice concerning the decision. I have not visited either campus yet, but I will in April.
What sets Williams apart from Swarthmore?

1) Critical issue is location. If you love city life and can’t imagine not going out to a new club every week-end, do not go to Williams. Williams is rural and Swarthmore is not.

2) Swarthmore is more intellectually intense. Whether that is a plus or a minus depends a lot on who you are and what you will become. The way I would put it is that, at Williams, everyone goes off and does something at 4:00 PM that is tangentially related, if at all, to classes. For half the campus, this is something sweaty, whether it be varsity, JV, club sports or just climbing Pine Cobble. For many others, it is something like theatre. This has a big impact on the ethos of the place. Now, of course, many people don’t do something sweaty in the afternoon, but my sense is that more people are reading philosophy at 4:00 PM at Swarthmore than at Williams.

3) There are certain special things that one college has and the other does not. If you are at Swarthmore, you can’t ever be a JA. If you are at Williams, you can’t participate in Swarthmore’s cool honors program (which we ought to shamelessly copy).

4) Trust your gut after you visit both places.

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