Again, we are looking for discrete categories of programs that the College spends more than $200,000 on per year and which could be selectively cut. I think that NCAA play-offs fall in this category. Someone reported that the NCAA actually pays for play-off expenses, or at least hotel and a per diem for food. True? Does this apply for other sports? Also, where does the NCAA get the money for this expense? Division III, unlike Division I, does not generate meaningful (any?) cash flow, so this money would need to come either from the dues that schools like Williams pay (how big are those dues?) or from money generated from Division I activities. Anyway, it could be that ending play-off participation wouldn’t save any money. Does anyone know the facts?

Needless to say, as a big fan of Eph athletics (I watched women’s soccer and volleyball in the NCAA play-offs via the wonder of D3cast), I would hate to make this cut. Nor do I think that the College will do so. But, honestly, I am running out of ideas that do not involve lay-offs or changes in financial aid.

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