Thanks to an anon for this point.

What if the conference funds for every faculty member took at $500 cut? That would save at least 100K right there and would not significantly degrade the quality of the either the educational experience the college offers or the opportunities its faculty enjoy.

Again, we are looking for cuts of at least $200,000 per year, cuts that can be maintained for the foreseeable future. How much in conference funds do faculty get? What other similar benefits might be cut? Note that not all faculty use all (?) their funding each year, so $100,000 is an over-estimate, I think.

I have already highlighted two faculty boondoggles (the Sabbatical Grant Program and the Professional Development Fund) that should be ended, but I don’t get the sense that there are big dollar savings here.

I think that the College provides substantial subsidies to faculty housing. I have no idea what the magnitude of these benefits are, but there is no reason for the College to be in the housing business for faculty/staff, any more than for it to grow apples or design clothing. Yet, by being in the housing business, the College can transfer some/lots of resources to the faculty.

The same applies to the Children’s Center. Why should the College be in the business of supplying day care? Why not also start an apple orchard? After all, it would make excellent faculty more likely to come to Williams if they knew that they could get great apples at below-market rates.

Rule #1 about successful non-profits is that the insiders think that they do a great job and should be rewarded more generously. But it can be tough just to raise salaries since it is so easy to compare salaries against outside benchmarks. So, to avoid scrutiny, insiders sometimes steer resources toward themselves and their friends via non-salary mechanisms.

Want to really piss off the faculty? Cut (or, at least, trim) the tuition benefit for faculty children. Normal professionals (like you and I, dear reader) save their own money over time to send their children to college. Not Williams faculty! I believe that Williams will pay half the cost [of tuition] for a faculty child to attend anywhere and all the cost if the student goes to Williams. (Does anyone know the details?)

Trim/cut some combination of the above and we could get to more than $200,000 per year savings.

Chances of that happening? Zero.

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