To those on campus (students, faculty, staff, whomever), I am geniunely curious: what do folks think of Ephblog?  How widely / frequently is it read? Is it ever mentioned in campus discussions (by students or administration), or is it widely ignored?  Does it consistently make people angry, or at least make them shake their heads in befuddlement?  Do you think it is sort of creepy, a testament to the unique pull Williams holds on its alums, or a little of both, that a bunch of old alums obsess over every single aspect of campus life?  Does the stupidity of the occasional insane / offensive post or comment get imputed to all Ephblog authors, or do folks not paint the site authors with such a broad brush?  Is the site ever used as an informational resource by those on campus, and if so, in what ways could that role be expanded / enhanced?

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