Hire a firm to do the analysis. Spend the money necessary to do a complete economic audit of the college.

  What is missing in these threads are the facts. What has been done here on Ephblog is to take a series of often poor assumptions about the numbers and non quantitative analysis and then blog about a decision based on poor assumptions and no real data.  

  David often asks “if not this, then what?”  That is an impossible question to answer given that Ephblog has no real data.

  Williams should hire an outside firm to do a complete analysis of its position and do a report on the financial health of the college with a projection for the future considering a variety of possible changes in our economy. The school should then look at the numbers to survive/ thrive given a possible future of X, Y, Z… then make a decision first on how conservative the school wants to be, and then get into the meat of what could be cut to produce outcome for projected X,Y,Z. 

  Then Willaims needs the firm to do a quantitative analysis of the programs being considered for cuts and what would really be saved by cutting the programs suggested.  That would allow for an in depth discussion about the monetary, academic and social impact- giving the ability to have an informed vote. The school could then begin to make cuts based on informed decisions in regards to both the financial and academic health of the institution. Until something like this is done… Williams will never understand the numbers or possible effects of their cuts.



What is Williams’s operating budget? How about we start with that number?

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