Most interesting single data point in the budget? Spending on “Administration” jumped 24.5% last year, far and away the biggest percentage increase in the budget and the most unusual data point given historical trends. In dollar terms, that seems to be a $2 million increase above the expected rate of growth.


What’s the cause? Well, goodness knows that Morty has been adding bureaucrats to the Williams payroll for years. I am surprised that there is any room left in Hopkins Hall! But things like the (relatively) new Zilka Center and the Office of Strategic Planning & Institutional Diversity are not that expensive.

My guess is that the cost of the Boston Investment Office is grouped under “Administration” and that the unexpected $2 million is a very rough estimate of its annual cost. Since Collette Chilton and at least some of her staff were in place before June 30, 2007 (the start of fiscal year 2008), the $2 million increase is an underestimate, but there has been other growth during this period as well, so, net-net, we won’t be far off. So, my estimate of $1 million for closing the Boston office is probably, if anything, conservative.

Can anyone think of a different category of Administration that would have grown so much between 2007 and 2008?

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