Look to the North- Vermont is the first state in our union to legalize gay marriage by legislative action, overriding Gov. Jim Douglas’s veto of a previous bill lifting the ban.

Senator Richard Sears, head of the Senate judiciary committee and a powerful supporter of the bill, said that a number of legislators would “absolutely” be in danger of losing their seats, whichever side they were on. But he disagreed that the vote, while fast, was unfair. The civil union debate in 2000 was “very long and consuming,” Mr. Sears said, while the issues this time were “highly emotional but not complicated,” allowing the legislature to pass the measure relatively quickly.

Sears represents Bennington county just across the state line.

 Voting to override from the house was Eph Steven B Maier District Addison 1.

Vermont: Gay marriage, no gun law! God bless those Green Mountain Boys!

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