Via Wick Sloane ’76, here is an update on EphBlog’s efforts to send books to Noah Smith-Drelich ’07, in his second year with Teach for America on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

We have gotten box after box of books from generous Ephs (and parents/friends of Ephs). I have to say, this is quite the impressive display of the Williams alumni network; in total I would estimate that we have received over 200 books, many of them ordered new from Amazon!

That said, my favorite part of this whole process so far has been watching my students go through the boxes. We had almost a week straight where I was getting one or more box every day, and my students started coming into class early to go through the books before class! I’ve gotten so many Sherman Alexie books that I now am able to devote an entire shelf to Sherman Alexie alone. I also now have a shelf entirely of other Native American authors, as well as a shelf entirely of Native American books by non-Native authors (before, all of my books by or about Native Americans fit on to one shelf). In fact, I am in the exciting position of needing another bookshelf for my library–six just isn’t cutting it anymore.

If you know of someone who donated books and did not receive a thank you card from me, please let me know.

As Wick notes, “200 is a great start. Let’s go for 2,000.” See here for Noah’s address.

More pictures below the break.




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