What’s the first thing you do when you show up for work at Hopkins Hall this morning? Check EphBlog of course!

See here for previous discussions of our readership. The buttons at the bottom of the right panel provide links to the two (here and here) services that we use. Here is a current report from Google Analytics. (I am no expert in what this report means, nor can I figure out a way to allow public access to the underlying data. Sorry!)

My conclusions (informed commentary is welcome!):

1) Readership is up. I sometimes think that the max possible total daily audience is about 2000. How many people in the world care about Williams as much as we do?

2) Almost a 1/3 of readers are from the College or local community. (I believe that rr.com is the old ATT&T Road Runner service, a major cable provider in the Williamstown area.)

3) At least a third of readers are come to EphBlog on random searches, sometimes finding what they want, sometimes not.

4) The remainder are regular readers from outside the Williamstown area. I assume that almost all of these are alumni and parents.

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