Kudos to Peter Drivas for getting published on Huffington Post, one of the most (if not the most) widely-read blogs on the internet (although Ephblog is catching up fast!).  Peter’s description of the “Purple Bubble” has accurately characterized Williams for many generations.  I am slightly saddened, but not at all surprised, that folks’ interest in current affairs waned after the election.  There is a heck of a lot to occupy college students, between their own heavy work-loads, extracurricular commitments, jobs, community service, and social calendars, not to mention the never-ending temptation of 2000 generally fun, intelligent, well-rounded peers to procrastinate with in common rooms and dining halls.  Plus, even for the most politically engaged among us, a certain degree of political fatigue is natural after months of intense obsession over all things politics.

Nevertheless, count me as one who is always happy to see Williams do more to encourage campus discourse on issues of national import.   In my view, Williams has best accomplished this goal in recent years via the super-awesome Williams College Debate Union (for those who don’t know, the Union sponsored a series of extremely well-attended debates in Chapin that would feature a prominent outside expert, a student, and a faculty member teaming up to debate a similarly-composed trio).   If I am ever rich enough to affect a specific aspect of campus life via a substantial targeted donation to Williams (note to any alumni fund volunteers reading: don’t hold your breath) I would definitely support reinvigorating this initiative before all else.  Alas, I haven’t heard of any major events sponsored by the WCDU for several years.

Peter will, however, be happy to hear about an upcoming series of campus events focused on Iraq and Vietnam, including a lecture by occasional Ephblog contributor Marc Lynch.    At least there shouldn’t be any last-minute cancellations …

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