Henry Bass ’57 tells us of his adventures in Tunisia:

Sue and I just got back from Tunsia. It is a lovely little country with plenty of Roman ruins and also the ruins of Carthage. The Roman mosaics are the best in the world and one of the great sights of the ancient world.
Our attempt to learn a little Arabic did not work out since the alphabet alone takes two 10 week courses. Arabic, however, is the most interesting language I have yet begun and we plan on trying again. But, everyone under 40 speakes wonderful French. Ben Ali, the president for life is even providing equal education for women. Due to the French influence food is good. And the seafood is the freshest we have ever had. And they have a good dometic wine industry. We had a guide for a day trip to out of the way ruins who drove us in his car. Over lunch I asked Kasim if he wanted to go to Mecca. He said, “Henry, I will go to Mecca, when I’m much older. I will give up beer and go to Mecca.” It is a very laid back and hip country.Ben Ali is building lots of new mosques but the clergy are held in their place. Lots of young French couples celebrating anniversaries go there. Very few Americans were there and they were all with tour groups. Sue and I were the only Americans we met doing it on their own. But, if you have a little French I could not recommend it more strongly. And perfectly safe. They have a years compulsory military service for men and there are a few kids standing around in uniform with automatic weapons but no street crime. We walked through the Arab districts at night with no fear. Recognizing us as tourists everyone said “Bon nuit Madam. Bon nuit Monsieur.” Even the teenagers are very respectful.

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