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The Alumni of Color newsletter will resume later this month under the aegis of Paula Moore Tabor ’76, Associate Director of Alumni Relations and Director of Lifelong Learning Programs.

Possibly EphBlog can be another means of communications of value.

Here is the text of the emial I have just sent to Ms Tabor:

May I call your attention to EphBlog, another presence to many in the Williams community.

Your ‘resurrection’ of the newsletter will be greatly appreciated!

EphBlog is a 24/7 presence that can serve as a technically flexible conduit capable of reaching the Williams community. We have an estimated 1500 readers per day, many of whom post as well. The postings themselves, under the general rubric of “All Things Eph”, are on many different topics, some of which produce heavy response from readers so that dialogues are begun and continued.

Readers of the Alumni of Color newsletter might be interested in posting and commenting on EphBlog as an additional means of communication and connection with this community of current students, alums, and members of the Williams community.

Perhaps you can make this invitation to participate known in your next issue. I will cross-post this note on EphBlog for additional coverage.

EphBlog is ephblog.com, email is eph _at_ ephblog.com or I am dick@swart.org


Dick Swart 1956

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