Happy Easter, to all of our readers celebrating the day. What a weekend it has been.

Friday morning featured a 6:00 AM sunrise hike to PIne Cobble, led by WOC director Scott Lewis. A senior friend of mine encouraged spoke well of the trip, and she was right – it was a lovely hike, and Williamstown is beautiful when viewed from afar in the early morning. I came back to campus, and realized that Paresky is actually quite nice inside during the early morning. Since my typical wake-up is at 9:40 AM, I never have the chance to appreciate the building when the sun is streaming in through the huge front windows.

Saturday morning, I was up at 8:55 for the Williams Great Day of Service. After donuts, coffee, muffins, and bone marrow registration, groups spread across the campus and area to do various volunteer work. My group walked along Route 2 picking up trash, which allowed me several lovely conversations while picking up cigarette butts and all of the other interesting objects along the way.

This morning, wake up was at 5:30 AM for a sunrise Easter service at Petersburg Pass. We were joined by two campers, and in the midst of a very chilling wind, enjoyed a few songs, readings, and prayers together, watching the undersides of the clouds lit pink by the rising sun’s rays. We then drove to the Chaplain’s house for a Williams breakfast of muffins, quiches, and conversation, then drove back to campus, where I now sit in my room.

I chose Williams over larger schools such as UGA and Georgia Tech for many reasons, but also on a faith that a Williams experience would provide many intangibles impossible to attain on a bigger campus. These are only a few of the experiences I hoped I would have, and the weekend isn’t over yet.

Ephblog can be a place of great negativity, and I sometimes fear that a reader cannot get a complete picture of Williams through the pie charts and ramblings that I often enjoy. If you are one of those students wondering about where you will end up, come and visit us, and experience this place for yourself. There is so much to celebrate that often goes unsaid. This weekend has also seen a documentary presentation, a dance performance with student musicians/composers, a very frightening dark comedy directed by Zach Safford ’09, an a capella performance that included modified lyrics of a popular Lonely Island song, volunteering with kids at a climbing wall, committee meetings, and other lovely excursions and conversations. Storytime and the Feast happen later today, and I might actually go to sleep before midnight.

All of that in 51 hours. What will you discover here?

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