Reposting a little late this year…

Pownal Quarry

  This View is from the Pownal Rock Quarry. Will seems to be having a great time in Williamstown. Congratulations. I hope that you and others stick around for the summer (if you have not already?), and get a chance to live in the Berkshires during the hot summer months. Take a few road trips into Vermont. Go over into NY to catch a show at SPAC. Spend some time fishing for brookies in some of the local rivers and streams. Rock climb and check out the amazing view from the Pownal Quarry .  Get into the Ice House . Go swimming at the Tubs, the Hopper, Linear Park, the Dorset Quarry , the watershed, Stockbridge quarry – etc.


Enjoy it man. It really is one of the most beautiful places on this planet.

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