Insider Higher Ed reports on faculty salaries in 2008-2009. See the this big file (pdf) for the data for individual schools. Summary for Williams:

                   Number      Salary      Benefits    Total Compensation
Full Professors      142     $132,700      $38,000            $170,700
Associate             42      $92,100      $28,800            $120,900
Assistant             72      $75,800      $24,200            $100,000
All Ranks            256     $109,800      $32,500            $142,300

See this EphBlog post for a discussion of what the data means. Last year, Williams was at:

                   Number      Salary      Benefits    Total Compensation
Full Professors      134     $126,400      $37,100            $163,500
Associate             37      $90,300      $28,000            $118,300
Assistant             80      $73,100      $23,500             $96,600
All Ranks            251     $104,100      $31,400            $135,500

My prediction that Williams would have around 250 faculty members for at least the next few years is almost sure to come true. Here is the data for the best paying liberal arts colleges.


The goal of this post is not to argue that Williams professors are paid too much or too little. (In my view, they are paid just right, at least those with salaries below $150,000. Williams administrators are paid too much.) Instead, I just want to explain the details since it seems like many readers have no clue as to empirical reality. Now that we know the salary data for 2008-2009, I can answer Derek’s question from last October.

Dave, for once, for the love of all things holy, could you not demagogue the issue? What percentage of Williams profs make more than $100,000?

Since the average salary of Williams professors in 2008-2009 is $109,800, the answer is about 50%. I am please to be of help.

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