D.Kane recently challenged those of us who have grown a weeeee bit tired of his apparently infinite reservoir of analysis / speculation / rants about Williams’ finances to “remind him” of why we read Ephblog.  So, here is your chance, Ephblog readers.  Feel free to supplement the list  with anything I have omitted (I would make this a poll, but I lack the technical wherewithal).

(a) Organize Daily Life via Solomonic Pronouncements from Uible

(b) Like a Bad Car Wreck, Just Can’t Look Away

(c) Hourly Breakdowns of the Minutia of Williams’ Finances: They are Crack to me

(d) Go-to Source Should Any Naked Photos of Ephwomen Ever Surface on Net

(e) Fan of the Trump-Hair-Merging-With-Buildings Oeuvre

(f) Love April Fool’s Day and Want to be Tricked More than Once Per Year

(g) Currently Playing End-of-Semester Trivia and Directed here by Google Search on Arcane Williams Fact

(h) Too lazy to type “Williams College” into Google news feed

(i) Am a Masochist
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