Check out this Boston Globe interview with Simon Maloy ’03, who works with Media Matters for America. Another guy to add to the list of Ephs I should’ve asked out to lunch or something when I was in DC last summer. Oh, well…

Q. One of your co-workers told me that the joke around the office is that “Simon has the worst job in America.”

A. I don’t know if it’s the absolute worst job. It’s a challenge, at times, listening to Rush every day. It’s interesting, though.

Q. What do your friends and family say when you tell them what you do for a living?

A. They praise my fortitude. Nothing but support, and a few condolences.

Q. Does Rush ever push back at you on the air?

A. He came close to mentioning the Limbaugh Wire, but backed off from that, much to our disappointment. He knows we’re out there, though.

Q. What’s the most egregious thing, from your perspective, you’ve heard Limbaugh say?

A. You’d be drawing from a deep well there. Back in 2004 there was that comment he made about the guards at the Abu Ghraib prison “blowing off steam.” And in 2006 he was talking about Michael J. Fox, saying that Fox was either acting his [Parkinson’s disease] symptoms or he was off his meds.

Read the whole thing, it’s not very long but it’s interesting.

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