From an e-mail from Aaron Gordon ( I have omitted the actual room numbers because it is not relevant to the conversation) Presumably, this means that some people have decided not to study abroad/live off campus- essentially the school is doing its job (convincing students Williams is the best possible place to be) a little too well .

Dear Students,

The Office of Campus Life has found that for 2009-2010 there are more
students eligible and participating in the neighborhood room draws
then there are current available beds on campus. A number of the
variable factors that determine our on campus population have aligned
in such a way to give us an unusually large group of students wanting
to live on campus. These factors include study away, student living
off-campus, and general increases in overall retention.

We felt that it was prudent to make sure there were enough beds for
everyone intending to pick a room for the fall. Luckily, the number
we were short is not large and can be accommodated by creating
additional bed space on campus to absorb the overage. We will be
doing this by converting a few lounges in to doubles and singles as
well as turning selected larger singles in to double rooms. All in
all we plan to create about 17 beds, (plus use a few rooms in Dennett

Rooms were selected for size, location and neighborhood. Unless
otherwise noted these rooms were all singles and are being turned in
to doubles.

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