Rarely is Williams more stressful than this time of year. People are poking around foreign hallways to explore, successful draws are bounding around with joy and barging into rooms they’ve already claimed (while current owner still occupies), and everyone considers the worst case scenario.

I am no exception. In my current frame of mind, I am sure that I will end up with a worse room this year than last year, that I might have to have a double to live in the dorm I want, and that the world is generally gray and dark.

It’s easy to forget that singles are sometimes a senior-only treat at other schools, and that a friend of mind lives near others living in a room with four others. It’s good that they all get along. But ultimately, living conditions in Paresky outpace dorms at other schools, and I’ll be fine wherever I am.

Aw, who am I kidding. I’m doomed.

EDIT @ 11:05 PM

I was doomed. Last year (pick #79), I had a very limited choice of singles in Brooks, West, Spencer, and Morgan. This year, the singles in Morgan and West disappeared by pick #55, with Spencer close behind. By the time I got there (pick #75), there was nothing left in any of the above four dorms except for doubles. I did, however, manage to grab the last “senior single” in Spencer neighborhood’s two Greylock dorms, next door to a friend on the fourth floor. I just hope the other frosh I end up with are lovely people; the rest of my pick group went to the other end of the building.

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