I’ve gotten an e-mail asking about the specifics of room draw. Here they are:

At this point in the year, the Study-Abroaders have declared, the JAs and WEPOers are picked, and all seniors going off-campus or to co-ops have picked those.

Everyone else has to fit into the remaining rooms, which can be easy or hard depending on how many people are going off-campus or abroad in a given semester. The rooms are picked in order, through a “pick group” system of groups size 1-6 in each of the neighborhoods. There are about 125 pick groups in Spencer, and fewer in each of the other neighborhoods, down to about 90 in Dodd.

Before room draw, students register in groups via Peoplesoft, and are allocated to their number based on the year of the group (mixed groups go between classes, with kudos to the upperclassmen forgoing a higher chance.) Within classes, allocation is random. I had a good one last year – this year did not go so well.

Paresky and The Log hold room draw for each neighborhood over two nights: tonight, Spencer was in Paresky. You come with your group at an approximate time (starting at 7, ending past midnight), and are ushered into a pre-pick room, where the rooms are marked off on whiteboards as they are taken. At the moment of truth, you are ushered into the pick room, and have a very short amount of time to claim your living space. Picks within pick groups are also allocated. I was second in my group this year, but unless there’s inter-group discord, the exact order doesn’t usually matter.

This year, Spencer didn’t have the space for all of its members (not enough JAs picked, etc.) so some frosh will be living in other neighborhoods while retaining their Spencer designation. I sympathize with anyone who has two years in doubles – if you lived in Mission, then I think rooming with someone else once is completely justified.

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