I noticed, with great nostalgia, that Spring Family Days are about to begin in Williamstown. In one way, it seems eons ago that I was packing a bag for my trip this time last year, and in another way, it’s hard to believe that my son is already nearing the end of his sophomore year.

Williamstown is a fun place to visit. I have been there several times now, but it was particularly memorable during Family Days. There’s an interesting energy in the air, no small part of which is the campus-wide excitement that the late Berkshires spring has finally begun to break.

Paresky was abuzz. It seemed to be the arranged meeting place for all newly arrived parents and their students. Standing there waiting for our son, I saw many other families doing exactly the same thing. Witnessing their reunions was almost as much fun as having our own.

Our son was more settled into campus life than when we had seen him in the fall, and less homesick, and consequently the visit was more lighthearted. He knew the campus quite well by then and was truly excited to share his favorite spots with us.

There was a lot to do. I had a particularly great, and personalized agenda, having been provided with a veritable treasure hunt by all of the Ephbloggers who answered my query for a list of their “favorite places on campus”. That ¬†thread of a year ago (titled Purple Pub Update), ¬†can be seen here, and I highly recommend it to any other parents or visitors looking to discover the best of Williamstown.

The entire visit was lovely. A few of the highlights were, being invited by a wonderful professor to sit in on one of his classes in Griffin, discovering Lane Faison’s whimsical gravestone, having lunch at Jack’s in North Adams, taking in a double-header against Wesleyan on the far flung, but gorgeous Coombs Field, and a still and solitary moment in Thompson Chapel.

I wish I was there right now, but since I can’t be, I am hoping to hear about your experiences, past or present, of Spring Days at Williams College.

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