Your humble corespondent is coming down with a cold, and thus taking it slow tonight, in a common room 10 others who are watching a game and talking. Across Williamstown, there are 52 very nervous souls – JAs are being paired with their co’s after a crazy two weeks of dating, which included two JA’s hanging out in an artificial cave in Baxter Hall, between two overturned couches with pillows on top to cover all of the cracks.

Events tonight that I feel too poor to attend include: a fundraising party at the Orchards for children in Tanzania and a tent party in Frosh Quad (with an Eiffel Tower to go along with the weekend’s theme). Earlier, there was Coffeehouse, where I had the honor of singing a song by a neighbor from home, as well as playing an original piano competition. There’s a huge opportunity cost to being sick – there are always things to do, people to see, and events to attend (often with food). This afternoon, I got free cheese and crackers from a Dodd event, extra dumplings from an eating contest, and a smoothie in Dodd Circle.

Additionally, it’s Spring Family Days, I have to register for classes, and I must decide on a major, though a switch between my top two is fairly simple. Life’s never boring in Billsville unless you don’t know what’s going on.

That’s precisely why College Council has started sending out an e-mail every weekend, listing events. I hope we can continue to develop a way of keeping track of everything going on – massive amounts of posters are informative but wasteful.

Currently Playing: “Let’s Groove Tonight,” by Earth, Wind, and Fire.

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